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Mobile App

Connect & collaborate with your peers both within the office and out. Our mobile app features a wall, profile viewer, and chat system. Our Apps framework consists of apps that will enrich the user experience. These are apps that are developed frequently and will add extra functionality for the users.
Inhouse Mobile App

Download on the app store of your choice:

Inhouse Mobile App

Web Portal

Fancy a bigger screen? Our web portal offers the same functionality as the mobile app. Domain admins are able to adjust domain settings, manage users & apps and, in Premium and Enterprise subscriptions, manage brand logo and color settings.

Enterprise Package

Do you run a large organization and you want to streamline social activity between your colleagues?

Our Enterprise Package offers all the same advantages of the mobile app and web portal combined with a custom app and framework branded with your company’s identity. Along with the app you also receive free updates and a service level agreement, catered to your needs. .
Inhouse Mobile App


Inhouse comes with a number of great features to optimize your networking & collaboration processes.


A feed meant for social interaction within the group. Share an update and/or an image, only for the eyes of the members of your domain. You can like someone else’s update or do you have more to say about the matter? Comment on the post and interact!


Get in touch with your peers. Find their contact data as well as more personal details.

Business & Enterprise users: create custom fields that give the ability to your users to share more about themselves.


A framework that adds extra functionality to the platform using modules. The domain’s admin is free to choose which modules will be available for its users.

On our end, we endeavour to keep creating new and exciting additions to this framework. Have an idea? Let us know!


Your own in-house instant messaging system. Users can communicate to one another or even to several other users within the group instantly.

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  • Standard template
  • Private environment on Inhouse app
  • Free updates



  • Monthly fee/user
  • Customizable items*
  • Private environment on Inhouse app
  • Free updates



  • Monthly fee
  • Fully customized and branded
  • Custom app for organization
  • Free updates + Service level agreement

*Customizable items include logo, corporate colors on 3 levels (background, accents and tertiary colors) and customizable profile fields once logged in to the Inhouse framework.

**For organizations of more than 350 users, please contact

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Interested in our platform, but you need some more information? Leave us a note here with your questions or comments and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.